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Do you want to see the interiors of a Tiny with a 360° view?

Hello! We tell you a little about us

We are a company of young entrepreneurs dedicated to the design and construction of small houses known internationally as Tiny Houses whose main objective is to optimize the space and resources necessary to live a simple lifestyle with light luggage. At Tiny Houses Peru we adopt this concept by applying our passion and dedication for art, carpentry, design and construction to create…

What is our proposal?

Our proposal is to offer a creative housing alternative, comfortable and 100% functional, of great quality and style, minimizing the resources necessary to live with what we really need. Tiny Houses Peru offers multiple options. Each Tiny has a unique design based on the taste and needs of our client. They vary from fully equipped houses for daily use to open spaces such as a condominium, club, field, beach, cinema, cafe, mobile, etc. To achieve this goal, we offer solutions that range from small modules of 15 m2, to complexes of several modules linked together that can cover about 50 m2 for those who need more space. Without neglecting the concept and the philosophy of a simple life that this movement tries to transmit. Although our houses can be inhabited full-time, they are not an exclusive product for those who wish to live permanently in this way. Tiny Houses Peru also offers solutions for other types of needs, whether it is a place for vacation, an extension of the house to receive guests, children who need an independent space, as a workplace, workshop or office, or even as a space to relax as a couple.


Our innovative Tiny Houses offer everything necessary to make this possible. Our designs and construction is based on the following principles.

What we offer?


The quality of our work together with the choice of materials we use for each project, whether it is standard or premium version, is what allows us to offer a product that stands out for its durability and excellent level of production.


The meticulous care we put into every detail when designing the spaces, as well as the use of Feng Shui as a tool to achieve an energy balance, generates harmonic, creative and widely enjoyable spaces as a result.


Every corner of the house is designed for your maximum enjoyment, so comfort is a very important factor for this to happen. We take into account the importance of leisure and relaxation in order to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges that we face when designing our projects.


Making each space in the house usable and functional is another of Tiny Houses Peru’s goals. To do this, we base our design on the needs and daily activities of each member of the family, thus creating a home that is unique in its style and 100% functional for everyone.

Our work

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What dimensions do the houses have?

The size of these houses ranges from 15m2 to 50m2, which varies depending on the utility, the number of members who live in it and the preferences of each one.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to build it?

Construction time is between 4 and 8 weeks. But many times it depends on the dimensions of the project, each Tiny is different from another, but we always try to have them ready as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

How much do they cost?

There are many factors that affect the final cost of each Tiny House, such as the chosen size, materials, and level of completion. 

Tiny Houses Peru works at different levels: Standard, premium or a combination of both. Within these categories there are several options starting from US$10,500 and up (final price with all expenses included).

Frequently asked questions

Are all Tinys on wheels?

No. Although making them on wheels has its advantages, it is also possible to access a Tiny House without the need to mount it on a trailer, which has the advantage that there are no size limitations.

*The limitations of a mobile home are regulated and depend on each country. In Peru the width cannot exceed 2.60m and the height cannot be more than 5.10m.

Our team

Learn a little about our great team

At Tiny Houses Peru we have a professional team that lives up to your demands


Commercial Sector and Marketing

My motivation in being part of Tiny Houses Peru arises from my natural impulse to promote wellness spaces for people. Offering mobile and permanent environments with a harmonious design and architecture, caring for the environment and using 100% ecological technologies and materials.

My contribution at Tiny Houses Peru is in the commercial and marketing sector, in providing attention to our private clients and both private and institutional clients, with the empathy that characterizes me, and transmitting this culture of the Tiny Houses movement with the various solutions What are people and companies looking for?


Engineer and Manager

I love authenticity and my passion to create. For me it is important to do what you love, working at Tiny Houses Peru opens up the possibility of working with that Passion without limits.

My contribution at Tiny Houses Peru is to add new ideas that are, above all, creative ideas and solutions. My civil engineering training contributes to offering an extremely safe product, taking care that the units we manufacture are structurally the most efficient at a static and dynamic level, that is, when the Tiny House or camper is parked or moving.

I have the structural software tools and control the construction processes to develop safe units,



I enjoy the fact of being able to create creative, flexible, sustainable and functional solutions. For this reason Tiny Houses allows me to develop my passion in an authentic way. In this way, I am able to innovate in each of the creative processes, providing our clients with the best solutions based on their needs and lifestyle.

An architect by profession, thanks to this career I can contribute through exclusive design for each type of user. I have also completed master’s degrees in Europe. The first in hospital architecture and the second in urban planning and sustainability, which allows me to generate the least environmental impact in the construction process, for which Tiny Houses is a viable and sustainable housing model.


Interior Architect

I am an interior architect and a mom.

I like living in the city, but for me it is very important to get out of Lima regularly to connect with nature and get some rest. Tiny Houses aims at exactly that. So that people can achieve a healthy balance between work, family and being able to enjoy themselves without feeling that time is winning us.

I grew up in a family that loved design and art, but at the same time very adventurous.

I have over 15 years in the industry where 5 years were spent in London working for a great designer.

All these experiences have shaped me. My goal is to give my clients a beautiful and harmonious space, but prioritizing their tastes and needs.

I want them to feel that the space is theirs and that it represents them so that they can fully enjoy it.

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